Deezer: Play Music, Radio, MP3 App Reviews

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Best choice

I have this about 1 years with a "Premium plus" plans, and its soo good.

Very Nice!

Muito bom app


Love it! Easy to use, shows me new music on a regular basis, easy made playlists. Two thumbs up.

Just great

The only thing I would suggest is to be able to flip it.

This app is trash

I try to make a new account but it wont let me... So I call this a waste of time, this is a trash company

Love it

The best app ever. Been using it for a couple years online as well as on all my devices, recommended to everyone. Even got a player that is genius to when I walk in my home connected to deezer its amazing.


I prefer Spotify.


Update: I have the cricket subscription but yet I still see ads and it says I have the free package also, my free trial still isnt over but it says that it is.

Simply amazing!

You will love it!


Its better than Spotify


Was ruined when they added the 12$ a month and screwed up shuffle I get songs that arent even in my play list.


Better than Spotify, it allows you to listen to any song you want unlike Spotify, unless you have premium. Has explicit and clean songs, amazing.



Not good

At first the app was good but after about a month they would not make me listen to the music I want without paying

Love this App!!

I love the app and functions of the app. The only thing I would change is the app icon. It looks old and not modern looking.

Wow ridiculous

Wow, dont you love it when an app seems so great without premium+, agreeing to unlimited offline music without premium+ and many more normal features? Then suddenly Deezer decided to become like the mainstream greedy app making companies completely cutting you off from use the app offline. Whatever you do, do not download this app if you do not want to be let down after a week

I love Deezer!

Ive used Spotify and Apple Music for a few months. I enjoyed their services. However, it all felt too corporate-ish. Just plain songs, not too many underground remixes. This is where Deezer shines. It has it all. Its boot up time is way faster than Spotifys too!


Maybe if you guys give us for free then Ill give it a 5 Star rating rs its gonna hurt anyone

No ads

No ads and I can listen offline I love it


I can listen to music without wifi(that I have downloaded) and its free!!!!

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